M Collaboration Group was born from a manufacturing marketing company facilitate channel marketing services, which utilized the latest in marketing tools and tactics to help small businesses drive new leads and customers.
But the selling environment changed….Prospective customers are now exceedingly un-trusting of advertising and even higher value is placed on expert authorities in the marketplace.For this reason, a new breed of marketing company was required and M Collaboration Group was created to meet that calling.

Teaming with PR Machine, M Collaboration Group is able to offer @ut of the box PR – combining media outreach, Internet marketing tactics and a systematic methodology. Our new model, which we named “@ut of the Box PR”, helps small businesses harness the enormous power of PR while creating long-term exposure and new customers.

Understanding that small businesses often do not have large PR or marketing budgets, fees easily fit within the budget of most businesses.
New clients are accepted if it is truly believed that a long a fruitful relationship can be built. M Collaboration Group welcome the opportunity to discuss your business goals and determine whether or not their systematic Out of the Box PR process can help you accomplish them.

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