M Collaboration Group Announces New PR & SEO @ut-of-the-Box™ for Small Business

M Collaboration Group Announces New PR & SEO @ut-of-the-Box™ for Small Business

PR & SEO @ut-of-the-Box™ Helps small business generate new customers and more revenue through the power of Press Release, Search Engine Optimization, videocast and podcast. – Our Standard package offers a complete PR + SEO for Small & Mid-Size Companies at $699 promotional rate.

Orange County, California, November 4, 2013/M Collaboration Group, LLC./- PR & SEO @ut-of-the-Box™ is designed with small business in mind. In today’s business environment, companies large and small rely on websites to conduct business online, attract visitors and generate revenues. PR & SEO @ut-of-the-Box™ works for small businesses and are highly cost-effective. We provide the heavy lifting…done-for-you public relations that allow a business to breathe a sigh of relief knowing that their business is getting exposed to the right people and at least some of the lead generating activities are in good hands. So business can focus on what they do the best.

PR & SEO @ut-of-the-Box™ help small businesses navigate public relations, avoiding the time and money wasting activities that aren’t a fit for their business. We only implement activities that will provide measurable returns on investment for our clients. Our @otB™ Standard package is a quick starter promotional package design just for that, at $699 during our promotional period you will get a taste of our Enterprise package at a lower cost.

M Collaboration Group’s “PR & SEO @ut-of-the-Box ™“ is a team effort with collaboration, rebranding and reselling of PR Machine’s Hybrid PR™. We believe the level of service provided through both of our company for our client and markets are always at an excellent level. This enabled us to provide you with a face-to-face dedicated consultant throughout the process in California. Now M Collaboration Group can offer effective PR services Powered by PR Machine in addition to “Retail & Sales @otB“ and “Business @otB” services.

About M Collaboration Group, LLC.

M Collaboration Group was born from a manufacturing marketing company facilitate channel marketing services, which utilized the latest in marketing tools and tactics to help small businesses drive new leads and customers. But the selling environment changed…. Prospective customers are now exceedingly un-trusting of advertising, and even higher value is placed on expert authorities in the marketplace.

For this reason, we’ve transcended into a new breed of a marketing company M Collaboration Group can now meet that calling. Teaming with PR Machine*, M Collaboration Group is able to offer @ut of the box PR – combining media outreach, Internet marketing tactics and a systematic methodology. Our new model, which we named “@ut of the Box PR”, helps small businesses harness the enormous power of PR while creating long-term exposure and new customers. Understanding that small businesses often do not have large PR or marketing budgets, fees easily fit within the budget of most businesses. New clients are accepted if it is truly believed that a long a fruitful relationship can be built. M Collaboration Group welcomes the opportunity to discuss your business goals and determine whether or not their systematic PR & SEO Out of the Box™ process can help you accomplish them.

In addition to PR & SEO @ut-of-the-Box™, M Collaboration Group also offers:

Retail & Sales @ut-of-the-Box™ – a no nonsense, none commission collecting, low cost retail/e-commerce account acquisition services helping business owner’s get their product into accounts they wish.

Business @ut-of-the-Box™ – a reseller of Connected Business™* CRM, ERP, EDI with full IT integration and day to day technical support at an affordable rate.

*All trademark(s) are with their perspective owners.