M Collaboration Group is laser focused on providing small businesses results.

Typically, a PR firm is solely focused on gaining awareness of their clients’ company, products or services.

We think this focus falls short for most small businesses.
PR done properly can be used to help businesses along every step of achieving their goals…

Gain Awareness . Gain Leads . Gain Customers

M Collaboration Group is unique in that it integrates marketing functions with both traditional and non-traditional PR methods with focus on achieving success at each objective.

Most businesses understand the value of PR, but are unsure whether the return on investment will be there. M Collaboration Group is leading the way in a new form of PR…an “@ut of the Box PR” that combines both Public Relations and Internet Marketing techniques.

It is designed to maximize PR exposure so that those searching online for your type of business service or product will find you. When they do, that prospect will view you and your company as a leader.

This new “@ut of the Box PR” was created specifically to accomplish three things for small businesses:

1. Get More Prospects – When somebody is searching for your product or service, you will be EVERYWHERE and get more visitors to your website and incoming calls

2. Reduce the Sales Cycle – PR builds trust because businesses that are newsworthy appear to be trustworthy and your prospects move ahead in their decision process faster

3. Save Money – The value of PR is 3 times more impactful than advertising. In addition, “@ut of the Box” is just a fraction of the cost of what a typical PR firm charges, yet delivers even greater value.

Detail Report System

This is where M Collaboration Group differentiate itself with the rest of them.  In addition to creating a Newsworthy, SEO Press Release, We generate B2B leads and give your organization the ability to contact prospects directly to their EMAIL or TELEPHONE number.

  • Reverse IP on Visitors
  • B2B Identification
  • Full Prospect Report in CSV format
  • Real-Time Email Alert
  • B2B Visitor Links to LinkedIn.com
  • Lead Generation from Business Traffic
  • Identified Visitors by Email and Telephone
  • Excel Reporting Format
  • Analytics and Log Files
  • 15,000 Page Views

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