Retail & Sales @ut-of-the-Box™

is the next generation of traditional “Sales Rep.”

This Retail or IT specific account acquisition program is designed for small to mid size companies to get its products into retail and e-commerce accounts. With this program, you are no longer tight to a long term sales rep. contract with a high commission rate draining your profit margin.


  • You are Faced with when dealing with traditional Sales Reps.
  • Exclusive Agreement – They always want to be exclusive, even when retail stores calls you directly, they get a commission for it.
  • Time Lag – In order to get maximum commission, they carry many different product lines. Are your products on their top of the list?
  • When Do I Get This Account – This is a question you ask all the time with usually no answer in return.
  • Commission Rate – a Rep Firm usually charges 10-15% from sales from your invoice; meaning what customer pays you not what your cost. So, you ask yourself “Can I afford their services”

Retail & Sales @ut-of-theBox™ Account Acquisition Program & Steps

  • Agreement – One Account Only. We work one account at a time, and we never ask you to let us work multiple accounts. The amount of front-end work analyzing and researching your product & company with your target customer is very a daunting task. We will only work one account at a time.
  • Time Frame – 60 – 90 Days. After examining your product and the company, we will let you know if we will work with your company or not. From that point, we will acquire the account we’ve agreed on within 60-90 days.
  • Rate – Flat Fees only; No Commission. Depending on the account you select, we charge you one time setup fee.

Our Steps –

1. Company Assessment:

Our dedicated consultant will have a conference session to go over the entire process and create your company and product profile report. Talk with your key personnel to ensure your company’s capability.

2. Company Readiness Assessment Report:

  • Financial
  • Logistic
  • Accounting
  • EDI readiness

3. Product Report:

  • Quality
  • Price
  • Positioning
  • Promotion Plan & Capability
  • Production Capability

4. Weekly:

  • Product Submission Progress
  • Any Key Issues with Product Manager

Guarantee – If we do not follow these steps, we will refund 100% of the setup fees.

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