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PR Case Study


New technology product gets mass exposure and new prospects with PR Machine’s Hybrid PR


Following is a detailed study of “Cyan Line” Case Study

New technology product gets mass exposure and new prospects with PR Machine’s Hybrid PR™


Small to mid-size technology companies often apply insufficient resources to marketing a new product or service offering, believing that the thousands of hours spent on product development and the resulting list of unique features will lead to the planned revenue goals.

Today, there are simply far too many other products vying for the attention of prospects.  In 2013, 20,000 new products were launched, just at the International Consumer Electronics Show alone.

Luckily, for small and mid-sized businesses, seemingly unlimited marketing budgets are also not the answer.  HP lost nearly $1 billion on its rollout of webOS and the HP TouchPad in 2012.

CyanLine, a New Jersey-based computer forensics and network security solutions company, found difficulty reaching its target audience and getting the exposure that it felt its latest product deserved.

Cyanline identified that trust in both the company and product were major factors in their prospects buying decision. Believing that a public relations is a primary method that can build this trust, it sought the services of PR Machine. PR Machine’s unique Hybrid PR™ process is a perfect fit for technology companies, as Cyanline witnessed. Cyanline was able to get massive and constant exposure for its new product and further build company credibility, while at the same time increasing  customer leads significantly.


In 2013, Cyanline launched its latest innovation, the Fast Disk Acquisition System (FDAS), specially engineered for high-speed forensic disk imaging. FDAS consolidates several forensic investigative elements into one streamlined unit, with features allowing it to eliminate cumbersome equipment, detect computer password protections, and offer real-time previews of digital evidence. FDAS was a deserved of recognition within the forensics industry. FDAS inventor, forensic scientist, and Cyanline founder Steven Branigan still found it difficult to reach his expected sales goals.

“We knew FDAS had not only a national, but a global market, and all we needed was the right combination of marketing tactics to get a foothold in the industry.”
-Steven Branigan, CEO

“We’ve always used the word-of-mouth approach in our business. We were growing, but not at the pace I wanted… and I had very little time to devote to the marketing that was required,” Branigan continued.

Branigan knew that Public Relations (PR) was a powerful tool that worked to build the necessary social proof that would allow a product to be embraced by the marketplace.  Getting more people of authority talking about the product and getting product visibility where the desired prospects are looking, were going to be keys to Cyanline’s success.

PR Machine’s Hybrid PR™ service was built to not only gain media exposure to the company and product, but to drive the targeted prospect directly to its client’s door, or website. PR Machine maximizes the investment by targeting the specific audience and providing them with the relevant content they are seeking.


PR Machine began implementing its Hybrid PR™ approach, which is a 10-Step Process that repeats every month.  The high frequency of interesting news and articles provides maximum exposure to both the media and prospects, along with a measurable ROI over time. In Cyanline’s case, each customer is worth several thousand dollars, so a perfect fit for PR Machine’s process.

Unlike traditional PR agencies, PR  Machine’s objective is not to merely achieve media placements, but to also increase the number of prospects, improve the ability to convert a prospect to customer, and speed up the entire sales process.

Priding itself in maintaining communication throughout its process, PR Machine arranged monthly PR Strategy calls and distributed detailed activity reporting to keep Cyanline up to speed on progress. Each month, PR Machine developed opportunities for publicity, wrote and distributed press releases and even wrote articles for the media to publish themselves- all tailored to the planned monthly angle and targeted keywords to increase exposure.

With a team of Internet Marketers at hand, PR Machine also employed its Search Engine Optimization expertise by driving traffic to key placements.  Google, Bing and Yahoo Page 1 results were the goal for highly searched keyword terms for specific angles.

PR Machine brought powerful results – fast.

PR Machine also took the load off of Cyanline, giving management peace of mind with knowledge that company and product credibility and exposure were being enriched every day.

PR Machine provided full transparency into its process and Cyanline even received a binder filled with tabs for organizing the PR strategies, press releases, article placements and monthly reports.



In just a three-month period, PR Machine issued more than ten relevant content pieces including press releases, bylined articles, third-party articles.  This content then spread to nearly 1,000 online locations.

In that time, PR Machine garnered over 450 website press release pickups and over 4,780 prospective customers learned of Cyanline by reading the releases. CyanLine’s news appears predominantly on Page 1 of Google, Yahoo and Bing when important keywords, including ‘computer forensics system,’ ‘forensic imaging system’ and ‘digital forensics imaging’ are searched upon, to name just a few. These terms are searched online thousands of times per month.

The enormous exposure generated to the company and FDAS was a huge boon for CyanLine, whose own website doesn’t appear within the first 10 pages of search engine results for these keywords.

“Nearly 44% of visitors to our website came directly from a press release or an article in the media made possible by PR Machine. These visitors are high quality because they already view CyanLine as a reputable authority due to being discussed in the news.”

-Steven Branigan, CEO

Directly pitching targeted media outlets each period, PR Machine secured key media placements, including landing a cover story in Government Security News (GSN) in both print and online editions.

The GSN feature size was the equivalent to that of a $7,950 advertisement, and gave CyanLine an estimated $23,850 in value. Other central media placements included a cover in Government Computer News, Digital Forensic Investigator (DFI) News, Star Tribune, WSAV Channel 3, Newsday, Data Security Weekly and many more.

According to Ragan’s PR Daily, an  editorial placement is 3-times more valuable than a print advertisement.

“Advertising is telling consumers how great you are, and publicity is a third party (usually some media outlet) singing your praises… Because PR usually involves having the media cover a story, these stories can live on long past the immediate impact of advertising.”
-Jessica Epperly, Ragan’s PR Daily

These feature stories boosted Branigan’s position as an industry leader, attracted interest in CyanLine, and led to purchases of FDAS.

“PR Machine created significant and newsworthy content that media outlets couldn’t pass up,” Branigan affirmed. “Their systematic, yet personalized approach to public relations gave us instant results that drove tons of traffic to our website and further established our credibility in the industry.”

Getting a company’s outstanding product or service into the eyes, ears and hands of a specialized audience is seamless with PR Machine, as the Hybrid PR™ company gives small businesses a chance to be heard, even with restricted time and money.

Adding PR Machine into its ongoing marketing plan was a no brainer for CyanLine’s director of marketing Diane Burley. Burley stated, “PR Machine brings a breath of fresh air. They come up with incredibly interesting angles that grab hold of the media outlets. And it’s evident that they doggedly pitch our desired media outlets for inclusion in publications.”


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