PR & SEO @otB

We Guarantee Our Work

Our services are targeted to small businesses and are highly cost effective. We provide the heavy lifting…done-for-you public relations that allows a business to breathe a sigh of relief knowing that there business is getting exposed to the right people and at least some of the lead generating activities are in good hands.

SEO & POD Cast PR Firm

We help small businesses navigate public relations, avoiding the time and money wasting activities that aren’t a fit for their business. We only implement activities that will provide measurable returns on investment for our clients.

Get More Prospects and Customers

When somebody is searching for your product or service, you will be EVERYWHERE and the obvious choice.

Speed Up The Sales Cycle

PR builds trust because businesses that are newsworthy appear to be trustworthy.

Save Money

The value of PR is 3 times more impactful than advertising, and PR Machine charges 1/5 of a typical PR Firm yet delivers more services.