Swim With The Shark in Shark Tank

Shark Tank – Swim with the Sharks

Popular television series “Shark Tank” is a really great opportunity for start-up and small business with innovative products or services across America.  Business owner’s often have great expectations for their product without testing  in a real world scenario.  Many times they failed to understand that profitability is everything to an investor or sharks in Shark Tank, without maximum amount of ROI (return on investment) the product or services offered is just simply not worth their time investing.

One of the biggest and common mistakes a start-up company makes is wanting to get into BIG RETAIL from the get-go.  Having done detail researches on how retail (Target, Walmart or Costco for example) work  and being ready on manufacturing, packaging, system, support, financial level can make success out of your business.

Ask yourself, is your company ready?  Take a look at our comment on Shopify (just roll down and look at M Collaboration Group’s comment).